Testimonials Kindly Provided By Satisfied Clients

Below are just a few of the kind words and comments that have been sent by our clients. If you’d like to send a testimonial to add to this page, please email me

These are just a few testimonial from my patients that I have treated for PCOS, irregular periods, infertility, IVF, pregnancy support after several miscarriages. If you would like know how I might be able to help you contact me on 07949407336

No doubt about it Elaine helped me get pregnant. I went to elaine after a year of not being able to concieve, I started acupuncture treatment, but her care is way more than just that. She provided me advice on diet, nutrition, any external factors that might be affecting my fertility as well as my partners. She helped guide me through what I needed to be tested for with my GP and what I needed to ask for.

Just  as I was referred for IVF through the NHS (which I escalated with the support of Elaine) I fell pregnant naturally. I couldn’t believe it. I can not recommend Ecotherapies enough, I’m now 39 weeks  pregnant and soon to meet my baby. Thank you ecotherapies for all your help.



No IVF necessary Baby Boy Febuary 2022

I have been seeing Elaine for treatment for several years now and her friendly nature, advice and treatment sessions are priceless.

Initially I sought acupuncture to help balance my hormones and manage my PCOS and stress and more recently to help us conceive. Through regular acupuncture sessions, supplements, change in diet and fertility tracking advice I was able to get to know my cycle and my body better and fall pregnant, twice. Although we miscarried our first pregnancy, I am now holding my beautiful newborn baby in my arms and I can’t thank Elaine enough for helping this happen. I continued acupuncture treatment throughout pregnancy and it really helped me physically and emotionally. I can’t wait to have more treatments to help balance my hormones post birth too.

I’d recommend Elaine to anyone on their fertility journey. Thank you will never be enough.


PCOS and Baby Girl Febuary 2022

Dear Elaine,

Please find below my review with deepest and heartfelt gratitude,
Coming to see Elaine for acupuncture to soothe my pregnancy-related nausea and sickness became a highlight of each week. I found Elaine to be tremendously compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. In addition to the acupuncture itself which I feel alleviated and reduced my symptoms, I much appreciated Elaine’s listening ear and ever-ready advice and reassurance. I don’t know how I would have got through the pregnancy without her! It was also very special to come to such a calm, warm space for the treatment wherein I felt completely comfortable and could relax totally, I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough.
Pregnancy related Nausea April 2021 Baby Lawrence

After being diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 I always knew conceiving children would be tricky for me without any cycles at all. Once we had decided to start our fertility treatment I always knew I wanted to use Acupuncture to help me along the way. We are now lucky enough to be parents to two gorgeous children both conceived with the help of Acupuncture and fertility treatment. The first time we conceived we were trying with treatment for 18 months before we started acupuncture within three months of starting Acupuncture I was pregnant. The second time we started it from the very beginning. Elaine’s support and great knowledge of PCOS and fertility treatments filled me with hope and confidence which I have no doubt helped me remain relaxed and achieve our positive result.ngs.

Two Pregnancies with Acupuncture IVF Support June 2020

October 2018 I suffered an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in my fallopian tube being removed. My remaining fallopian tube was blocked so this meant that IVF was our last chance in having a second child.

I started accunpunture with Elaine in the new year of 2019 and Elaine taught me how to control my diet with avoiding high sugar foods and certain carbs that did not help women with PCOS.

I have to say that Elaine has been my rock through the whole IVF process. Not only did she carry out accunpunture she also listened and was there for me. I literally chewed her ear off every week and walked out feeling relieved and happy. IVF is a very stressful process and I was very lucky to have Elaine by my side helping me through some of the darkest days of my life. One year on I am now a happy mama to 2 beautiful babies.

I will continue my acunpunture with Elaine as it really does help with my hormones and stress levels.

I really cant thank Elaine enough and would high recommend Elaine. Shes a legend


Ectopic, PCOS & Roxanne January 2020

Elaine was recommended to me following rather a complex fertility history. Including three first trimester miscarriages, a second trimester miscarriage and the stillbirth of my daughter at 38-weeks and five days.
My first visit to Elaine was in January 2019, I was 39 years old. The appointment was comprehensive and full of hope as I began my journey to try for a successful pregnancy once again. Elaine promptly told me that to start this journey I should aim to be Gluten and Dairy free. My first thoughts were “you have got to be joking” I didn’t even know what gluten was just that I ate it and enjoyed it. I’m a very factual person and Elaine provided me with the written material and evidence to support the case for changing my lifestyle to improve my fertility chances. All of a sudden the bigger picture was clear. I changed my diet and attended weekly Acupuncture sessions. The sessions themselves were relaxing and I often fell asleep.
I also started taking regular, natural supplements and had a blood test which looked at my ability to absorb folic acid. The results showed I could not absorb the synthetic form of folic acid, so changing this was key in preparing my body for a successful pregnancy.
By April 2019 I got the news I was hoping for, I was pregnant again. From this date My Acupuncture points changed and I continued to attended weekly with the hope of having a successful delivery. I saw Elaine all the way through my pregnancy (well almost) the night before my last appointment, my waters broke and the following day my son arrived. A healthy and happy boy weighing 7lb 6oz.
I think my lifestyle changes, coupled with the combination of weekly Acupuncture did make a difference, not just physically but mentally too and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elaine.


Complicated case. Multiple miscarriages and a still birth December 2019

Trying for a baby for some can come so easy, before embarking on our fertility journey I would have said I was an emotionally strong and secure person. Three failed IVF rounds later and the heartache really did take its toll, something I still haven’t quite come to grips with. Elaine has been a driving force in my emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Through her expertise in acupuncture, diet and all round humanity, I am now pregnant! My husband and I devote this blessing completely to Elaine. When I felt like giving up, Elaine’s knowledge and support kept the flame alive. Whilst I know not everyone will have the desired outcome, we are truly grateful, Elaine gives you the tools to lead a healthy and balanced life whatever your troubles. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Elaine and we appreciate the dedication given to others to make dreams happen.   Zoe & Glensettings.

Zoe and Glen July 2019

‘I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager which caused very irregular periods and made pinpointing ovulation almost impossible. I was fortunate enough to conceive my first child whilst taking metformin, however, I was keen to try and conceive my second child naturally.

After some internet researching, I found Eco Therapies. I had never had acupuncture before so was slightly apprehensive. Elaine was brilliant, she was very thorough, taking a full history and making recommendations for diet changes and supplements to support the acupuncture. 

After only having one period within the space of 18 months, I fell pregnant naturally within 2 months of seeing Elaine – I was equally ecstatic and shocked!!

I continued having acupuncture with Elaine during the first trimester, before giving birth in June 2019.

I have continued following Elaine’s diet recommendations as I have definitely noticed the benefits.

I highly recommend Elaine for anyone suffering with PCOS and trying to conceive. 

Many thanks!’

Lucy and PCOS June 2019

After a devastating sperm test, I wasn’t sure if I was a hopeless case, but Elaine gave me invaluable insight into how my body was functioning and where I needed to improve to get us in a better position to conceive. The acupuncture coupled with dietary advice and a tailored supplement course helped us get pregnant within a few months. Highly recommend.

January 2018



began having acupuncture with Elaine after a miscarriage and over a year of trying unsuccessfully for a baby. On doing some research online acupuncture was recommended to help conceive and as I was due to start on clomid I decided to start acupuncture alongside this. Being that I struggle to relax I wasn’t convinced it would be something which would work for me however was willing to try anything! From the start I loved it, I found the sessions so calming and looked forward to them every week. Elaine also went through my diet and lifestyle and suggested some changes which could be made to increase my chances of falling pregnant, I found her advice very helpful. After 4 months of acupuncture combined with the fertility treatment I fell pregnant, with twins! I continued with the sessions throughout my pregnancy and have a gorgeous boy and girl who are now 8 weeks old.

Thank you so much for your help Elaine, I highly recommend you to anyone considering acupuncture.

January 2018

Gemma’s story

After a long time struggling to fall pregnant, being diagnosed with PCOS and suffering a miscarriage I thought that maybe I would never become a mummy.
Someone recommended Acupuncture for fertility treatment so I searched for local professionals and come across Eco Therapies. I was slightly apprehensive at first but desperate to try anything that may help.
Elaine was very understanding and professional and talked me through the process and treatment began straight away.
My initial thoughts was that it might be painful but I found it surprisingly relaxing, falling asleep in most of my sessions. After a few treatments I couldn’t believe it but I found out I was pregnant.
I continued my treatment and Elaine supported me throughout my pregnancy, which I truly believe helped me have a healthy pregnancy. I’m delighted to say that my beautiful baby boy was born on his due date healthy and happy in October 2017.
Elaine genuinely cares about her profession and her patients and I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about using Acupuncture for fertility or any other reason.
Thank you Elaine for your help and support throughout my pregnancy, I’m so grateful for your help making my dream of being a Mum come true

Parker – born 27/10/17

Krystal’s story

Our dreams have finally come true! Our miracle baby boy was born on 29th October 2017 after a very tough 4 years of trying to conceive, which included 2 Ectopic Pregnancies and 2 rounds of failed lVF. Words can’t describe how thankful we are for Elaine’s help with acupuncture to get our baby boy! Elaine has been there for us through this rollercoaster of a journey giving advice and support and I have also gained her as a good friend too! After a long struggle to get pregnant I was thankful to have a very healthy pregnancy I was even told in the hospital my placenta was one of the healthiest they have seen and I put that down to the healthy diet, vitamins and acupuncture!! I will always be forever grateful for your help Elaine.
October 2017ttings.

This is Kelly’s fertility journey!

After a year of trying to conceive with our second child, a friend suggested I try acupuncture.  Although skeptical at first, I did some research and found Elaine.  Elaine’s knowledge and expertise immediately laid to rest any doubts I had.  On my first meeting with Elaine, she clearly explained how acupuncture could work for me, she also recommended certain lifestyle changes and provided nutritional information for both me and my husband.  Elaine explained how to track and monitor my monthly cycles and also how to correctly read the signs my body was giving me.

After a few months of treatment, I fell pregnant…. WITH TWINS!

I personally cannot recommend Elaine enough, she not only has extensive knowledge of alternative medicines, she is a consummate professional, the treatment is carried out in a relaxing, comfortable environment.  The treatment itself also really helped to relieve the stress of trying to conceive.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family Elaine.


Helen C. Twins Isobelle and Harriet June 2017

I highly recommend Elaine for all women’s health issues especially fertility acupuncture.  I first visited Elaine in July 2016 after a difficult few months when I sadly had a miscarriage then my dad passed away.  Walking away from my first appointment/treatment with Elaine was the moment that I knew the acupuncture was the best therapy and treatment for me.  11 months later I gave birth to my perfect son Oscar.  I was able to deal with stress and fertility issues with Elaine and would not hesitate to recommend her.   We are blessed to have Elaine so close to home.  Thank you Elaine for your fabulous treatments but also your support.tings.

Helen C. Twins Isobelle and Harriet June 2017

I began having acupuncture with Elaine following a miscarriage and after 7 further months of trying for a baby. I wasn’t sure if acupuncture would work when it was recommended to me, but as anyone who has tried for a baby without success knows, I was willing to try anything.  The acupuncture was relaxing and relieved my stresses, and for the first time since my miscarriage I was hopeful that I would find happiness again, whatever my future held.

After falling pregnant following acupuncture with Elaine I continued the sessions well into my pregnancy, which was a very healthy one.  I now have a beautiful baby girl who has filled my world with a happiness I never thought I would have.

I will be forever grateful to Elaine for her professional advice, understanding and acupuncture treatment.


LORNA – Baby Oscar June 2017

After my first visit with Elaine, I knew she was incredible at what she did. She found out so much about me and provided me with advice and information to suit my individual needs. I looked forward to my acupuncture sessions with Elaine-they were so relaxing to the point where I’d almost fall asleep and I came out feeling like a different person.
I truly believe Elaine’s acupuncture assisted my conception via IVF.
Once pregnant, sessions helped my nausea and aches and pains. I now have twins and can’t thank Elaine enough for the work she did in helping me to throughout my pregnancy.


HELEN E BabyAmelie Nov 2016

After experiencing three recurrent miscarriages all before 12 weeks I had been doing a lot of research online and lots of people discussed how acupuncture had helped them. We didn’t seem to have any trouble actually conceiving. My friend had visited Elaine before so I decided to give it a try (even though I’m not a fan of needles or a very ‘holistic’ person.) I had been referred to a consultant at the hospital but decided to have some acupuncture while waiting. Elaine is a wealth of knowledge on fertility, conceiving and all the common hurdles and I found her advice really helpful. Her positive attitude combined with the acupuncture helped me to relax and feel more confident in my body’s ability to conceive and hold on to a healthy baby.  All the usual tests came back normal so I continued with acupuncture combined with progesterone pessaries up to 24 weeks and I am now 6 months pregnant with a baby boy.


I began having acupuncture after trying to conceive for almost 4 years, I had been told I had polycystic ovaries and we had tried IUI twice and was booked in to begin IVF within a few months. I honestly was skeptical on whether I thought acupuncture would help but wanted to try anything and everything. The acupuncture actually made me feel less stressed overall and a lot calmer (which is quite amazing when I was constantly stressed about not being able to get pregnant). I had been going for less than 2 months during which Elaine had also recommended some diet changes, supplements and other fertility advice which I tried alongside the treatment and it worked!! I became pregnant naturally after really starting to believe I never would. I continued my appointments through the pregnancy to help me with all the changes and keep me balanced, it really helped and was good to have Elaine’s continued advice. I 100% recommend Elaine as she is good at what she does, has so much knowledge about fertility and is overall a friendly and kind person. I cannot thank her enough for helping to make my dream come true and I truthfully believe without her I would not have my son and finally be a mummy.

LAURA Baby Griffin January 2017

Hi Elaine,

This seems like a strange email to write but I wanted to let you know that on Sunday I got my period! After 4 years without it was quite unexpected! All I have been doing is the odd massage and trying to relax a bit more. Perhaps its has come about after I found some acceptance that it was unlikely that we could have children.

Whatever the reason for it, I plan to monitor the situation over the coming months and see how my cycle goes. I will try not to put any pressure on myself but it means there is some hope for us yet!

Best, Sally

… I year later!

It has been a while. I hope you and your family are well.

I just wanted to share with you some news. We are currently 20 weeks pregnant! We had a scan today and learnt that we are having a baby girl in April. Still a long way to go but we are keeping positive. Nonetheless the scooter has not been out for quite some time!!

I wanted to say thanks for your help with the acupuncture. I truly believe it helped my body to heal, and to get my mind on the right track.

All the best,


Hannah W. Baby Henry Oct 2016

Hi Elaine

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to share our good news with you. Our frozen embryo transfer was a success and I am now 9 weeks pregnant with twins! Can’t believe how lucky we are!

Kind regards

Sally – Amenorrhea/ Pregnancy

Good evening Elaine,

I got my period today and it looks like normal one ..I am a little bit in pain but very happy :))

I just wanted to check if in this case my appointment is still on for Tuesday?

Thank you

Best regards


Lorna – IVF/Pregnancy

Hi Elaine

I’m a mum, James is a dad. It was brutal, I;m exhausted. But we have a little girl – Lily Grace Elizabeth



Hi Elaine,

Just wanted to share with you that Eliza Louise was born 21st January, 7lbs 12oz. I was lucky enough to be able to have a very natural home birth, which is something that became quite important to me in the latter stages of pregnancy (although you obviously never really know if it will be an option depending on how labour starts).

Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave me through those very trying months of wanting to conceive. I learnt so much from you about diet and vitamins, that I really think it helped me to have a lovely healthy pregnancy throughout.


Julia – IVF/Pregnancy